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Launching So It Goes!

A couple of weeks ago we officially launched our ‘So It Goes’ book with a fantastic evening at the Library in St. Martins Lane, London - with music, a DJ, drinks and book signings’.

Since then we have had a mention on Gary Crowley’s Punk and New Wave show and even got our picture in a recent Man City football programme, where Kevin Cummins writes a regular column.

Which leads me on to a few words from Red Engine Publishing’s founder and director Mark Bramley. So It Goes’ era of music and culture were very much linked to his own life experiences growing up in Manchester at that time.

He reminisces: “Growing up in Manchester in the 60s and 70s was for many hard, and there was a lot of grey back then in the general mood as well as in the skies.

As a kid from Newton Heath the highlight of the day was finishing school and kicking a ball with your mates in Brookdale Park”

His interest in music really kicked in at secondary school, with a move to Failsworth.

He remembers from 1976 onwards “seeing all manor of bands, heavy/prog rock, glam to gritty raw, and then punk – the Buzzcocks at Band on the Wall, Iggy Pop, with Bowie on keyboards, at the Apollo, then Warsaw at Rafters, then Joy division at Pips…”

Life was no longer all about football!

“Meeting Kevin Cummins and deciding to collaborate on ‘So it Goes-punk and the aftermath’ was easy, and looking at all his photography, it just brought it all back - pretty much all good”

This truly special book has images from venues outside of Manchester, but it’s still Manchester centric. With many iconic images of Manchester bands including Joy Division, the Buzzcocks and the Fall - capturing the essence of the North at that time.

Then heading South with bands like the Sex Pistol, the Clash, The Jam and Siouxsie & The banshees, and across the pond to artists like Iggy Pop, Patti Smith and Jayne County.

At present this book is only available online - although it can be viewed at the Library in St. Martins Lane, London.

There are 3 editions, a Collectors’, a Limited, and an Open Edition. Please visit our online shop to find out more and see some internal spreads and images.

Something to treasure and evoke memories!

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